MBBS, MD General Medicine

Physician, diabetologist, Toxicology specialist

About Doctor

Dr Ahimth J A is a skilled physicain with more than 5 years of experience in the management of diabetic and hypertensive patients . Has extensive experience in handling infectious diseases including covid 19 , tuberculosis and HIV.He is extensively trained in managing toxicology patients being trained in the PCTRC centre in madras medical college for 3 years. He has wide experience in treating patients with poisoning ranging from snake bite, scorpion stings to pesticides and insecticides.He has good experience in perioperative management of organ transplant patients. He has worked during covid pandemic in Madras medical college,managing thousands of patients with utmost care.He has extensively participated in academic activities imbibing knowledge from the great physicians of the state and transcribing the knowledge to the future generations through teaching juniors.He has actively participated in research from Undergraduate days to postgraduate days in tuberculosis, infectious diseases and Diabetes mellitus.

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