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Disease and disability are affected by environmental factors, genetic predisposition, disease agents, and lifestyle choices, and are dynamic processes that begin before even individuals realise they are affected. Preventive healthcare, or prophylaxis, is the application of healthcare measures to prevent diseases.

In today’s fast-paced world, we often neglect our health due to busy schedules and work-related stress. 

Preventive Health check Ups is a necessity due to increasing Life Style related  illness .Regular health check-ups can help detect health problems early and prevent from developing serious illnesses.

Benefits of preventive health check-ups:

1.Early detection of health problems increases the chances of success treatment and management.

2.Preventive health check-ups are cost-effective in the long run as they can help avoid expensive medical treatments and hospitalizations that may be required for Emergencies / advanced-stage.

It also improves the  quality of life.

3.By identifying health risks early on, preventive health check-ups allow individuals to make lifestyle changes and adopt healthy habits to improve their overall health and well being .

4.Beneficial  for every individuals especially with strong Family history of CAD /Diabetes Mellitus /Systemic Hypertension .

Individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle, have poor eating habits, smoke, drink excessively –Preventive Health Check Up play a vital role in their health & Well Being .

The Art of Diagnosis  involves gathering data[medical history-taking and physical examination], generating one or more diagnostic hypotheses, and iteratively testing these potential diagnoses against dynamic disease profiles to determine the best course of action for the patient

Dr Babu Narayanan

MD ( Internal Medicine ), FHIVM, PGDMLE, MBA
Senior Consultant Physician & Diabetologist


MBBS., MD (Internal Medicine)
Consultant Physician & Diabetologist
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