World Liver Day Observation and Inauguration of Fatty Liver Clinic

GEM Hospital Chennai observed the world Liver Day 2024 with public even and press conference on 24-04-2024 at GEM Hospital Chennai. The session as chaired by Director & CEO Dr. S. Asokan , Director and Chief of Hepato-Biliary Surgery Dr. Senthilnathan , Head of Medical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Dr. R Vinoth Kumar and Liver Transplant Surgeon Magnus Jayaraj Mansard

 The official release of special Liver Day Camp package was released in the event, which consisted of test and consultation worth Rs. 8,000 Offered for the benefit for the public for just Rs. 699 from till 30th April 2024 as part of Observation of World Liver Day.

In the same event Inauguration of the Fatty Liver Clinic for the aimed for public awareness and early detection of liver disease to prevent progression to irreversible stages was also done.  As part of it, a digital awareness web page was released for circulation in social media. Also, an exclusive fatty liver clinic will be running on all days in the department of medical gastroenterology in GEM Hospital Chennai.

The Liver Day Camp package will be covering tests like Blood sugars, Liver function tests, Ultrasound Full abdomen, Fibro Scan which will help in early recognition of liver diseases and fatty liver. One time Specialist consultation will also be provided for them.

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