UROLOGY at GEM Hospital/Chennai


The Urology department at Gem Hospital, Chennai has excellent infrastructure and equipment to deliver highest Standard of Care for patients with Genitourinary complaints. The best available Minimally Invasive techniques are utilized to provide high quality treatment and solutions to patients. Endourology (Lower and Upper tract),Laser Surgery (Stones,Prostate), Laparoscopy(Uro Oncology, Reconstruction) and Robotic options are offered on a Customized basis as per the Individual patients necessity.

Diseases Treated

  • Urinary tract Infections – Kidney/Bladder/Prostate/ Urethra
  • Urinary tract Obstruction -Stones,Strictures – Prostate
  • Disorders of Voiding – Urgency,Incontinence – Stress Leak – Retention
  • Urinary Fistula – Vesicovaginal / Ureterovaginal
  • Urinary Malignancy – Kidney,Bladder,Prostate,Testis,Penis
  • Congenital disorders – Pelvi Ureteric Junction Obstruction -Ureterocele -Vesico Ureteric Reflux – Ectopic Kidney – Undescended testis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Male Infertility – Varicocele/Testicular Biopsy/TESA/Micro TESE

Facilities Available

Endo urology
a) Lower Urinary tract
  • Cystoscope – Rigid and Flexible
  • Internal Urethrotomy
  • Resectoscope,TURIS, Laser bridge
  • Cystolithotripsy
b) Upper Urinary tract
  • Semi Rigid Ureteroscope (4.5Fr/6Fr/7Fr) and accessories
  • Flexible Ureteroscope and accessories
  • Nephroscope (Standard 26Fr/Medium 20Fr/Mini 12Fr) and accessories
  • Swiss Lithoclast Master
Laser Surgery
  • 100 watts Holmium Laser with on Demand settings
  • Morcellator
  • Complete Work stations
  • Harmonic Scalpel, Ligasure, Bipolar
  • ICG Screening
Reconstruction Urology
  • Urethroplasty
  • Augmentation Urethroplasty
  • S.I. System

Gem Expertise

The Urology department at Gem hospital Chennai is a center for Endourology and Laser Urology. We have well experienced surgeons with the various High technology Minimally Invasive Urology armamentarium. The team is able to deliver the highest Standards of care to the patients with extremely satisfying results. The support from Emergency services, Laboratory and Radiology Departments enables quick diagnosis to the visiting patients. An Experienced and extremely capable Anaesthesia team enables efficient Intra operative and Post operative Care. Careful Pre operative preparation combined with meticulous analysis assures low morbidity, quick recovery of the patient and early discharge. Cross departmental Intra hospital referral and discussion with Gastroenterology and Gynecology enables a “Whole Abdomen Care” approach, eliminates unexpected crisis and incomplete treatment. This comprehensive approach facilitates a healthy outcome for the patient at affordable cost.


Consultant – Urologist
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